Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Junk Shop on Hwy. 84 between Valdosta and Waycross

I find myself driving this stretch of road quite often lately...because Meagan's parents live in Waycross. For over two years, I've seen this junk shop a little less than halfway between, filled with all kinds of rusted-up junk and cool-looking paraphernalia. But the light has always been terrible - it was always in shadow with how the sun was positioned or it was the afternoon and was flat and boring.

Driving past though on December 20th, the sun was setting and the winter position of the sun made the whole establishment light up aglow! I hurriedly stopped, grabbed my Yashica 124G, and loaded a roll of T-Max 100 film. But something wasn't right...my meter...it was acting funny. The battery had died! No worries - I used Sunny 16 for this whole roll. I developed it in Rodinal, semi-stand with 1:100 dilution, to help even out the exposures.

There is just no substituting good light. I might print up 4-5 of these at least. Here is the whole roll, every shot of which was at least decent:

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