Thursday, May 21, 2015

A New Experiment - VLOG #1

Recently I purchased a GoPro video camera and Meagan and I took it out to Reed Bingham last weekend. I was just playing around with it, making sure I knew how to use it. She took some video of me shooting some film.

I am thinking about starting a "VLOG" to go along with this written blog. We'll see how it goes.

Here is the video:

Here are some of the images shown in the video, all on Provia 100F:


Monday, May 18, 2015

Late Spring Catch-Up 3

Still catching up here...looking back in my archives I noticed that I've shot 4 rolls in the last month or so with my Linhof 70, but I haven't posted any of them. I am a lot more deliberate with the Technika, and since it's medium format I kept shooting several rolls over the course of several trips and ended up with a variety of landscape shots.

First are some images from Langdale Park, again while it was raining in March:

After the rains, the far recesses of the park were flooded again. A couple of days later I took these:

And also a couple of color shots:

To finish off the roll, I took this image of some flowers on my porch:

More later!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Late Spring Catch-Up 2

I mentioned in the last post about the rains we had this Spring. One of those days though, I caught the clearing storm right at sunset out at Grand Bay. The fire tower that stands at the end of the boardwalk trail is especially nice for sunrise/sunset images and probably the highest unimpeded view you could find in Valdosta.

This evening I brought along my Shen Hao 6x17 and 72mm XL. I shot a few images on Plus-X:

We got to the fire tower and then I shot a roll of Portra 160 of the clearing storm;

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Late Spring Catch-Up 1

March and April were really busy months, and May has been a bit crazy too, so I'm catching up on some old photos I took during that time.

First are some moody photos during some of the stormy and overcast days we had in March. Most of these are with my Nikon SP 2005 and either a Nikkor 2.5cm f/4 or Voigtlander 15mm f/4.5 Heliar (with F-S adapter) on T-Max 100 or Tri-X 400, though the first few are with my Leica M6 and Zeiss 50mm f/1.5 (Contax mount + adapter):



Thursday, April 30, 2015

8x20 Full-body Portrait

Finally! Success!

I received my 8x20 back and holder, repaired, as well as an additional holder from Mr. Ritter a few weeks ago. I was finally able to shoot some negatives yesterday - my first successful images.

The weather has not been cooperative so I got fed up and shot some in the studio. I tried out an idea I had - full-body vertical portraits. It worked pretty well!

Setting up the camera was a real chore. It's not really designed to work sideways. I had bellows-sag issues and I didn't have enough movements to shoot this how I wanted it. But I wrestled it to where I could shoot this finally.

Here is an image of Dominick. This was with my Nikkor 450mm f/9 lens, on Efke 100, developed in Rodinal 1:40 for 9 minutes in a home-made rotary tube, shot with 3 ProFoto flash heads:

Here is a quick cellphone shot of the camera in the studio, sideways: