Saturday, December 13, 2014

More 35mm Panoramas, with Agfa Optima 100

Just wanted to post a couple color images from last week. Winter has set in and it's been very cold. I feel like these images captured that coldness a bit.

Taken with some old bulk-load Agfa Optima 100 film in my 6x12 back, with either a Nikkor 90mm f/8 or Schneider 58mm f/5.6 XL:

Monday, December 8, 2014

Tri-Color Photographs

Late last year I did some experiments and made a really cool image using the "tri-color" process by which you shoot 3 black and white images with color separation filters (25, 58, and 47), and then combining them to make a "color" image. This is an old technique that was pioneered most famously perhaps by Sergey Prokudin-Gorsky in Russia in the early 20th century.

Anyway, now with digital technology and scanning, this process is even easier. Well, relatively. It's hard to get all the exposures right depending on the filter factor, spectral response of the film, reciprocity, etc. I am still working on it. It's easier on roll film since you can shoot several "groups" of shots, and even bracket, on one roll of film, but I'm trying to do it on 4x5 film.

What I've been trying to do is combine this technique with long exposures to capture motion in a novel way. Amazingly, my first try created a pretty stunning image:

This was back over a year ago but for some reason I never put it up here on the blog.

Since then though I've been trying to do something similar, without much luck. I was lucky last time. The way this works is to find a good time where leaves or whatever are floating down the river at a moderate speed. The exposures above were in the neighborhood of 15-30 seconds if I remember right.

A few weeks ago I had a good opportunity to try this but didn't bring my color filters. Today I tried again, but there just wasn't enough material in the water to show the color streaks, not to mention some weird fogging on the green sheet:

Also the overcast, low-contrast day might not have been the best.

I've found that generally, the corrections for the filters for T-Max 100 are:

Red 25: 2.5 stops
Green 58: 2 stops
Blue 47: 3 stops

I'll keep trying!

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Waycross Thanksgiving 2014

Meagan and I went to Waycross to visit her family for Thanksgiving. I took a couple of shots with my 8x10 Wista and 250mm f/4.7 Fujinar lens. This lens is amazing on 8x10. It covers with some extra and is a nice focal length - not too short and not too long (it's similar to a 35mm lens on 135). It's also pretty sharp and fast - I think I could shoot all day with just this lens and be happy.

Here's the group shot on Delta 100, developed in FX-39 1:19 for 8.5 minutes. You can see me holding the bulb to trip the shutter.

I also had a sheet left over of CDU II film from some experimenting I was doing, so I tried it out here. CDU II is a duplicating film and is a tungsten E-6 film. So I put an 85B filter on it and shot it at ISO 3. Which is really slow! So I ended up using the lens at f/4.7 and 1/30 exposure I think it was:

Not bad, and my first E-6 8x10 development success! I have to do each sheet by hand in a rotary tube, in a water bath. It's tiresome (about 30 minutes each sheet for the whole process) but wow, 8x10 positive film!

I also brought my Fujica 690 along for some casual snapshots:


As I mentioned, I was experimenting with that CDU II film. Here was my first test, for posterity. It was too late in the evening so the blue light was too much for the tungsten film, even with an 85B filter, so I definitely in the future will be using it in nice warm sunlight:

Sunday, November 30, 2014

South GA College Art Competition (SOGA) Show - November 2014

Forgot to post these - here's some snapshots from the SOGA show back in early November. Taken with my Nikon SP or Polaroid 900:

Lastly, I totally stole this image from Facebook, taken by Dominick with a 2-second timer - hence his blur in the bottom left! Here's most of the VSU faculty and students that participated or went to the show:

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Saturday Morning Walk in Downtown Valdosta - Nov. 2014

Last Saturday was another Valdosta Symphony Concert, so after the morning rehearsal Ed and I went to the Turner Art Center since he hadn't seen the show and took a walk downtown.

I shot some 35mm with my Leica M6 and a vintage chrome/brass Nikkor 3.5cm f/3.5 lens (Type II), on T-Max 100 and with an orange filter. This little lens has strange ergonomics but is fun to shoot. The lens has a tiny front element with a filter attachment that is "inside" the front barrel. It's hard to explain. Funnily enough, I accidentally bought a Walz filter set for this lens years ago, mistaking it for something else, but then found the lens. The filter size is amazingly small - not sure exactly but it's less than 20mm I think. Outside of this filter ring is the aperture adjustments, from the front of the lens looking at the camera.

Anyway, the lens has a very vintage feel, and imparted a beautiful low-contrast, "old" look to the images, especially with b&w film. This is the first time I've really shot a roll with that lens - apparently I need to shoot more with it! The out-of-focus areas are a little wonky but other than that, and being slow at f/3.5, it's a nice little lens. Here are some images:



This building is being remodeled so I stuck my lens right up against the glass:

And finally, 1st Methodist and the sign at the Turner Center announcing our show: