Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Big Shoals State Park and White Springs, FL

Meagan and I went hiking over the MLK weekend down in White Springs, FL. I shot mostly 4x5 and some 120. The light wasn't great but it was still fun.

Here's my 4x5 b&w images:


In White Springs was a really cool store that looks transplanted right out of the old west. I used one of my last precious sheets of Velvia 50 - I'm really happy with the results:

Here is one more b&w shot of Big Shoals, with the Kodak E100VS color shot I took right after. You can see the huge difference in color rendition between the Kodak film and Velvia. Both are good, but the Velvia is just special (some may say over-the-top, but not me!).

Medium format images after the break...

Last but not least a few 6x6 images from my Yashica 124G. These were taken with Ilford FP4+, stand-developed in Rodinal 1:100:

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