Friday, January 18, 2013

Extraneous 35mm photos from the 2012 holidays

I only recently developed a couple of extant rolls from back in 2012 that I shot in my Nikon F2 and F4. I thought I'd share them now.

First, some shots from the mountains of north GA, from my F2, on T-Max 100, developed normally in Rodinal:

Here are a couple color photos, on Fuji Sensia, taken with the F4:

More photos from around Christmas after the break:

And finally here's a few more photos from my F4. This is T-Max 100 again, stand-developed this time in Rodinal. I accidentally left the roll in for a little too long before agitating so some of these are a bit unevenly developed. The first ones are from the U.S.S. Alabama state park, while the others are from Falling Water state park in Florida:

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