Saturday, November 21, 2015

Playing with new ideas

A couple of months ago I had a few interesting ideas I wanted to try, inspired by seeing some images that by accident had an interesting reflection.

I finally got around to going out and trying some things last week and have been scanning the without giving away what exactly I was trying to accomplish or how, here are the images:



I also took a self-portrait:

All of these were taken with my Pentax 67ii and either 55-100mm f/4.5 or 90-180mm f/5.6, on Tri-X and Plus-X developed in Rodinal.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Moody Air Force Base hosts Thunder Over South GA Air Show

I've always loved airshows since I was young. Moody Air Force Base doesn't do them particularly often (the last one was in 2012) so I knew I had to get out to the show this year. They had a lot of different events as well as the Thunderbirds.

Sadly I had to work the Saturday morning but I was able to catch the second half of the show. I had planned to go back on Sunday but the second day was cancelled due to rain.

Here are photos I shot with my Nikon D800E and 300mm f/2.8:









Saturday, November 7, 2015

Sunbelt Ag Expo 2015 - Moultrie GA

My friend Sally and I went out to the Sunbelt Ag Expo a couple of weeks ago to shoot. I've been meaning to go to this for years.

I shot with my Pentax 67ii and an additional 67 body, with my 35mm Fisheye, 55mm, 105mm, 165mm, and 400mm lenses. Here are the photos I took: