Monday, December 31, 2012

Golden Isles 2012 Vacation Part 2

I developed a roll of 220 color film from the Yashica last night from my trip (Outdated Fuji NPS 160). Here are the results:



Sunday, December 30, 2012

Golden Isles 2012 Vacation Part 1

Meagan and I spent 3 days on the "Golden Coast" before heading to Mississippi to spend Christmas with my family. I was able to shoot a lot of film. I've just about finished up my b&w developing, with a several rolls and sheets of color film left to do.

Here's a variety of 4x5 shots first. Here is two views of the lighthouse on St. Simon's Island, both using the Nikkor 120mm f/8 lens:

This is right behind the lighthouse. Taken with the 47mm XL:

Now here is a shot from the Christ Church cemetery, with the 210mm f/5.6 Symmar-S:

The next day we went to Jekyll Island. Here is a shot of the Jekyll Island Club Hotel, and a cottage right down the road from it. Both with the 120mm lens again:

We also did a lot of exploring and I shot several rolls with my Yashicamat. Here's some shots from a variety of places, all either on Pan F+ or T-Max 100:

 Finally, these last few are from Driftwood Beach on Jekyll Island. The panorama was made with three different shots:


That's all for now.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012 Part 2

I've been a very bad blogger this month! I'm going to try to get back on track with posting. First, here's a few more film shots from my Thanksgiving trip, all on Portra 160 with my Yashica 124G:

And these are with Fuji Superia 100 and my Mamiya 645:

That's enough for today, more soon.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

STRICKLAND MILL Documentary Project Part 6

A friend graciously let me borrow a 220 film reel so I could finally develop some color photos I shot last month out at the mill. These were on Portra 160 NC film, with my Mamiya 645 and either 45mm or 80mm lenses. Here's some of the best shots: