Wednesday, January 16, 2013

E6 Developing - At Home!!

I finally took the plunge and got some E6 chemicals. Took me two months to get them due to being backordered, but finally they are here! I mixed them up a couple of days ago and have been doing some experiments and trying to hone in my developing strategy. I've got a pretty good feel for the process now, and the four 4x5 transparencies I processed tonight look great!! First here is a quick portrait I snapped of my friend Kaleb as he was putting some negatives he had just developed into sleeves. Taken on some fresh Provia 100F film I just got:

Next, here are a couple images from on the VSU campus. I wanted to try out the Fuji T64 film I had also just received in a large batch of film. Most of the lights on campus are incandescent and just impossible to get good light from, but this 3200K film fixes that, and also makes the night sky look pleasantly blue. I've never used this film before but I'm impressed! I will be using it more now, especially to do some astrophotography stuff like I've always wanted to do.