Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Copper Toning - first prints

A friend recently suggested I try copper toning my prints after I told him I was looking for a brownish hue. Sepia toning is a little different and not what I wanted. So I bought a batch of copper toner but didn't have the time to try it out till last night.

The toning solution was a pretty green color but turned the prints reddish-brown. I really like the effect and will be using it on prints where I want that effect. Here is my first completed print, matted and framed, using this toner. It is a print from this posting. If you compare it's obviously a little more red than brown:

Here are a couple more prints from the session. The first image is from this post a while ago, while the second is from a trip up in north GA that I haven't posted the images from yet (stay tuned!):

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