Saturday, December 3, 2011

Return to Spook Bridge

I took a little detour after going to Thomasville last Sunday to watch the sun set at Spook Bridge. I had two more 4x5 sheets of T-Max 100 and a couple of color sheets that I wanted to shoot , and the sunset looked beautiful.

The two b&w negatives came out very well but the color shots were E-6 process and had to be sent out. They will hopefully be back next week, along with several other sheets from the past couple of months. These two shots were rated at ISO 50 and developed N-1 with T-Max RS at a 1:9 dilution. I've decided this will be a better shooting and development strategy for my negatives and I am very happy with how they turned out.

Both were shot with a Nikon 90mm f/8 lens (equivalent to a 28mm on 35mm film). Toned in Photoshop:

Now as a matter of interest I also would like to present a very small cropping of the first image to illustrate the detail you get with 4x5 negatives. This is the right-most column on the first photo as it would look if this was printed 10 feet wide, assuming your monitor is at 96 DPI as mine is. Note that this is simply a scan from my Agfa scanner. A custom drum scan would pull out more detail.

As you can surely see, 4x5 has truly remarkable resolution, and is the "smallest" of the sheet films! Just imagine an 8x10 or bigger!

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