Monday, November 7, 2011

Savannah in 4x5

I haven't had a chance to shoot much these last few days due to other obligations. However, I wanted to post a few photos I took over Labor Day a couple months ago in Savannah, GA. Many of these are color, a welcome change to all the b&w on this blog I'm sure.

These first two images were taken on Velvia 50 transparency film. The photo of the door was taken with the Schneider 90mm f/8 lens while the street scene was taken with a super-wide Schneider 47mm f/5.6 XL lens, the equivalent of a 13mm lens or so on 35mm!

This next image was taken on Fuji 160S and converted to b&w with the Schneider 58mm XL:

Finally, here is an image of the Westin hotel on the other side of the river taken with the 90mm again and cropped to a panoramic format. Taken just as the sun was setting:

These were the best 4x5 photos from the trip. I unfortunately forgot my whole bag of black & white film on this trip which is why I took so many color photos.

More photos on 35mm below.

Of course I also took my Nikon rangefinder so here are a couple shots from it. It was so much easier to carry of course! At the time I did not have my Wista field 4x5 so I was lugging around a massive 20-pound monorail - not the smartest idea, let me tell you. All of these photos were taken with Kodak's new Portra 160 film. I certainly like this film, though I still like b&w for 35mm so I can develop it at home easier.

I am actually going back for a conference in January so I hope to take more photos then, as I love Savannah and its scenic locale.

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