Monday, November 14, 2011

A Learning Opportunity

I learned a valuable lesson yesterday regarding film photography. I mixed up a fresh batch of developer (Pyrocat HD) and developed 4 sheets of film with it. It turns out I messed up my calculations and ruined all four sheets. I was lackadaisical with the calculations for the mixing of these chemicals and then to make matters worse developed all of my shots of the day at once.

I ruined some good photos, and one which I was really excited about. I took them at Langdale Park, which has become my new favorite place for nature photography. I went back today to retake some shots, and the one which I was excited about was gone - the lighting was flat and boring while yesterday it was really dynamic and exciting.

But I will chalk it up to experience and move on.

Here are a few shots from today. These were taken with the Wollensak Verito 11.5" lens, which I have been meaning to use more. Unfortunately it is a pain to use because it's so big and must be used on my Toyo GII monorail. Hiking with this 20-pound camera and lens is a chore and I am seriously considering looking for an 8.75" Verito to replace it. These were taken on T-Max 100 and developed in T-Max RS or Pyrocat HD:

Another important lesson is to remember to bring a loupe! These were focused by eye. The second is slightly back-focused. I need to redo that one anyway if I can go when the lighting is good again.

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