Sunday, January 31, 2016

30-50-80 - Photos from Ship Island

This weekend I finally developed the last roll of images from my "30-50-80" trip in October. I just hadn't been able to get that done, and then I ran out of FX-39 developer, but finally I did it so now I have all the images scanned.

On the first full day we went to Ship Island, off the coast. I went once when I was very young so I always wanted to go back. There is a small fort on the island. Here are some photos from the fort:

There are big cannons on top of the fort, but one of them was apparently blasted apart by thieves (with dynamite!) who thought they could sell the scrap iron, or something like that, but the pieces were still too huge and heavy to take:

A couple more from around the fort and/or island:


All of the above were with my 4x5 and 6x17 cameras, with my 47mm, 90mm, and 150mm on the 4x5, and also the 90mm on 6x17. I also carried my Pentax 67ii and a 105mm lens (yes, it was a heavy pack!) and shot a few rolls on the ferry boat:

It was kind of a big deal when my mom made her way to the front of the boat since she is a bit scared of boats:

 And here's some on the island:

 Here's my uncle with a tiny horseshoe crab we found:

And finally here's Meagan and I:

That's it for ship island, I'll post more from the trip later.

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