Tuesday, February 2, 2016

8x10 at Suwannee River State Park

I hadn't been to Suwannee River State Park in a long time, so I decided I'd make a little trip a couple of weekends ago. I needed some time in the wilderness. I decided I'd pack my big Wista 8x10 and the 6" Metrogon lens with a new center filter that I needed to try out.

I shot Delta 100 film. It turns out the new center filter definitely flares a bit more than I was expecting. It was fun nevertheless - quite a number of people stopped and asked about the camera and/or watched me shoot. 8x10 is sometimes a spectator sport.

Here are a few of the better images:

This is Little Gem Springs, though the water was too high to see it coming up:

And finally, I really wanted to shoot Balance Rock, which was always my favorite thing about this park. Unfortunately, the erosion over the years has caused Balance Rock to fall over! The limestone where the rock was is incredibly slick. This was the view of the rock now:

You can see some of that flare I mentioned as well. The Metrogon is a great lens but I don't think I'll be using the CF.

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