Thursday, December 4, 2014

Waycross Thanksgiving 2014

Meagan and I went to Waycross to visit her family for Thanksgiving. I took a couple of shots with my 8x10 Wista and 250mm f/4.7 Fujinar lens. This lens is amazing on 8x10. It covers with some extra and is a nice focal length - not too short and not too long (it's similar to a 35mm lens on 135). It's also pretty sharp and fast - I think I could shoot all day with just this lens and be happy.

Here's the group shot on Delta 100, developed in FX-39 1:19 for 8.5 minutes. You can see me holding the bulb to trip the shutter.

I also had a sheet left over of CDU II film from some experimenting I was doing, so I tried it out here. CDU II is a duplicating film and is a tungsten E-6 film. So I put an 85B filter on it and shot it at ISO 3. Which is really slow! So I ended up using the lens at f/4.7 and 1/30 exposure I think it was:

Not bad, and my first E-6 8x10 development success! I have to do each sheet by hand in a rotary tube, in a water bath. It's tiresome (about 30 minutes each sheet for the whole process) but wow, 8x10 positive film!

I also brought my Fujica 690 along for some casual snapshots:


As I mentioned, I was experimenting with that CDU II film. Here was my first test, for posterity. It was too late in the evening so the blue light was too much for the tungsten film, even with an 85B filter, so I definitely in the future will be using it in nice warm sunlight:

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