Saturday, December 20, 2014

Photography @ Grassroots, Downtown Valdosta

My friend Tara was exhibiting some photographs last night so I went to her opening. Meagan and I also traipsed around downtown at night and in the drizzling rain. I wanted to try out an MD2/MB1 motor drive for my F2, to make sure everything worked fine for my holiday trip. There will apparently be plenty of rain this Christmas in New Orleans / Biloxi so I will bring a rugged 35mm SLR instead of my Leica M6 or Nikon SP.

The motor drive worked fine but the power rewind seems to hang up. I think there may be a gear stripped, but I've read that it's fixable with newly manufactured parts. I rewound the film and thought it was done but as you'll see in one photo, opening up the back I saw the film wasn't finished rewinding. Oops! Of course I can manually rewind anyway.

Anyway, here's some photos, shot on T-Max 3200 rated at around 400-800 and developed in Acufine for 8 minutes at 62 degrees or so (my shed gets cold in the winter, no heat!):


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