Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Providence Canyon Camping Trip 2013 - Part 2

So this post actually won't have any pictures from Providence. These shots were from the ride home. We stopped at a few different locations on the way back from camping - first at in Lumpkin where we saw this colorful building:

Next we went to Richland and found an abandoned carousel out in the sun:

 Richland was also home to a rum distillery. The nice owners invited us in to take photos if we wanted:


Dominick and I walked around town and found various interesting places and some abandoned buildings:



 Finally, we stopped in Albany and shot some photos around some old buildings:

 Finally we shot some at the new "Art Park" in the last hour of light:


Well, that's it for that trip! I shot all of these on my Nikon F2 and 2.1cm, 3.5cm, 5cm, and 10.5cm lenses, all from the earliest production runs of Nikon F-mount lenses. Films included Velvia, Portra, and Tri-X.

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