Sunday, November 17, 2013

8x10 X-Ray Film + Acufine Test

I've been really liking Acufine lately. I've been developing all of my b&w film with it, either straight or at a 1:5 dilution and semi-stand.

I finally got around to testing some 8x10 x-ray film with it. I shot Fuji HR-T at ISO 80 and developed it with straight Acufine in a tray for 2 minutes. I did not strip the rear emulsion with bleach as I usually do, as tray development helped prevent scratching like I would get developing in BTZS tubes.

The negatives look pretty good. Shadow detail is good, sharpness and tonality are stunning. More testing will need to be done, but for now, here are the 4 portraits I took in the studio, with slight crops:

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