Wednesday, November 14, 2012

YashicaMat 124G - first outing

Since getting to shoot a couple of rolls with a Rolleiflex a few months ago I've been trying to find a TLR. Rolleiflexes are so collectible I decided to go with a different model. Finally I found a nice little YashicaMat 124G. I like this camera because it has a built-in meter that works perfectly after I got a battery adapter to use modern batteries.

Here's some shots from my first roll, shot on Ilford Pan F+ film, rated at 25, and stand developed in Rodinal 1:100 for 45 minutes at 70F:


  1. Hi Bryan, Randy from the Large format forum. I have been in love with TLR's for many years. I have had many (sold many). I had a 124G, several Yashica D's, a few Minolta Autocords, several Mamiya C220, C33, C22. I acquired a Rolleiflex a couple years ago, for nothing but had to spend $375 on shutter repairs. Now I am afraid to use it :) Some suggestions if you want to try any others - The Minolta's (I still have one) are very good cameras...just make sure to go easy on the focusing knobs as they break off easily. The Mamiya's (I still have one) are great if you want to focus closer than a few feet (down to a few inches). I just loaded another roll into the Rollei. forcing myself to use it. Love the blog.

  2. Hi Randy! Thanks for your comment! I miss the Rolleiflex (w/ Xenar) I got to shoot for a little bit. Funny story, I've tried to buy 3 Autocords. Every one of them was trashed when I got them (eBay). The 124G was finally what I found. I keep thinking about getting a C220 and a couple of lenses but I'm put off by the large size...though I'll probably buy a Pentax 67 system instead (again...I used to have a huge kit with 7 lenses, sold it to get into 4x5).

    Enjoy the Rollei! Post your photos on the small-format thread...