Tuesday, March 27, 2012

One 4x5 from Grand Bay - using Acufine developer

It's been too long since my last update! Many gigs last week prevented me from shooting almost anything. I went out Saturday with my friend Ed to shoot for fun out at Grand Bay. I just had my 35mm. I have taken so many pictures there I am rather bored with it so I haven't been there since last year. However, there was some very interesting green stuff floating on the water, coating the entire surface. I was unprepared for how neat it was. I ended up returning yesterday with my 4x5. I took a couple color shots and one b&w.

The b&w one was in with some other holders that I took some other shots today with. I really messed up and rated my shot I believe 4 stops underexposed. This was a bad error so I decided to experiment with some semi-stand development for long periods of time. But I developed this shot from Grand Bay accidentally first. I used Acufine 1:5, shook it vigorously for 1 minute, and then let it stand for 2 hours. I shook it every 30 minutes for 15 seconds. Despite the extreme over-development compared to the recommended time on this shot, correctly rated @ 100, the negative looked really good. Even more interesting, the amount of detail and acuity is stunning, much better than T-Max RS usually gave me. I will have to try out Acufine some more with "normal" photos. The other shots that are messed up are still developing but things are looking okay possibly.

Here's the shot. It is taken with the Nikkor 360mm telephoto at f/32 for 15 seconds. Toned in PS:

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