Monday, March 12, 2012

The Crescent in the morning and the Azalea Festival

Saturday I went out early to get a shot I've been meaning to do of the Crescent for a while. It's a simple architectural shot but I wanted to get it on 4x5 so I could print it for upcoming use. I used the Nikon 90mm with a bit of front rise:

The rest of the day was spent at the Azalea Festival, held at Drexel Park. I decided to shoot some Tri-X 35mm for fun but they didn't come out all that great, mostly because of the extremely harsh sun. I am still working on my film developing in extremely contrasty situations, especially in 35mm. Nevertheless, here are a couple of snaps:

Some digital shots after the break

Digital makes poor light easier to handle, plus the dog/frisbee show was pretty cool but I can't manual focus the Nikon SP fast enough so I grabbed my D700 for the rest of the time. Here's some shots, mostly of the dogs:

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