Monday, October 24, 2011

First Post

Valdosta in Film
A Blog about film photography in and around Valdosta, GA.

I am starting this blog today as a creative outlet for my photography - specifically in the medium of film. I wanted to have a place that I could display images of and around the Valdosta / Lowndes County area of south GA, as I have traveled and photographed extensively in this area. I decided a blog focusing on film would allow an interesting perspective in this otherwise completely digital world today. I also will be focusing on the technical and creative aspects of film developing and darkroom printing.

While the blog will feature mostly film images from this area I might end up incorporating images from other places and from the digital medium if they are interesting.

Who I am / what I do
I have lived in Valdosta now for about 7.5 years - long enough that I have become very comfortable with the area and consider it my first "home" away from my childhood home. While I do sometimes yearn for various other locales, the area does have a rich history and a variety of places for photographic adventures. I started taking photography seriously sometime about 2 years ago, but I have always been very interested in cameras since I was very young. Back then all I shot was film, so I consider my current love affair with it a "return" to my roots. I quickly moved from 35mm to medium format and now "large format," generally regarded as film at least 4x5 inches in size. Shooting large format sheet film is a completely different beast from the smaller formats - each shot is individually loaded into holders and shot one at a time, unlike roll film. What it affords is a greatly enhanced feeling of "purpose" to each shot, as well as the creative ability to adjust development on each shot as well as a massive negative to use. It is like nothing you've ever done before, and is a real joy to shoot!

My "day job" is as a freelance recording engineer and musician, with various other activities and jobs filling in the holes. I also do professional photography as well when I am able (mostly events, portraiture, and fine art).

Well I will leave that as an "introduction" of sorts, and now I will start on a post that will actually feature photos!


Don't mind the images below. I'm testing out hotlinking them.

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