Friday, February 19, 2016

Little River near Barney, GA

Earlier this week I discovered that my favorite hiking spot, Langdale Park, has been closed due to flood damage until "late spring." I'm very disappointed as it was nice to be able to swing by there if I had a free afternoon, rather than travelling a great distance to something else.

So I took a drive out northwest, towards a little watering hole I have been to a couple of times. This place is on the banks of the Little River, a tributary of the Withlacoochee, and is somewhat near Barney and Morven, GA.

I loaded up a couple holders with old Agfa APX 100 film and used a freshly-purchased 15cm f/4.5 Zeiss Tessar lens for most of the photos. The film was developed for 13 minutes in Rodinal 1:50. Here are a few of the images:


The last few were actually from a small pond up the road closer to Morven, and the last image was actually with my Nikkor 90mm f/8.

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  1. C ...apparently my comments on LFF have been deleted. you asked about camera for inside a crowded gathering, I suggested olymmpus pen ft
    NIKON L35AF POINT & SHOOT . reson: small enough to shoot Daido style. and unobtrusive. people don't seem afraid of 'fake' cameras since they can't be posted to the net.