Monday, August 10, 2015

Inside the Live Oaks at Grand Bay

Last weekend I went hiking at Grand Bay right after a big rainstorm. I had a goal - to photograph inside the two Live Oaks way out near Moody AFB in the hunting tract of Grand Bay.

I brought along my 4x5 and a few lenses, including my 47mm XL lens. I knew I wanted an ultra-wide-angle lens.

I took a few photographs - here's the best shots from inside the huge trees:

I shot another one but somehow it turned out blurry. Must have kicked the tripod? It's too bad because it would've been a great shot. I'll have to redo it sometime. Here it is for posterity:

As I was leaving, I realized I only had one more sheet to shoot so I went ahead and shot it out at the field of what I think is tobacco? I did some heavy burning on the sky here, and cropping:

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