Saturday, August 8, 2015

Canoeing along the Alapaha and Dead Rivers in Florida

A few weeks ago I went canoeing with some friends along the Alapaha River and then the Dead River in north Florida, near Jennings. I've been meaning to post some images for a while so here goes.

The first part of the trip we battled some intense currents going upstream due to recent rains. We were able to make it to Turkett Falls, a beautiful little waterfall surrounded by limestone. I took both a black and white and color image (the color shot is on Velvia 100F film):

I don't normally show both b&w and color images but I like both of these a lot!

I also shot some images of the other photographers shooting with my Rolleiflex:

We left and the rest of the trip was downstream luckily. However, the swiftness of the water at first was quite hard to manage and we plowed into some limestone at one point. I was filming with my GoPro at the time and captured some footage here:

I shot a few images from the canoe with my Nikon F2 on Rollei CN200 film:

 Finally we made it to the mouth of the Dead River. Here we trekked into the woods and found the sink where the river went underwater. There was some intense rapids. It was a very interesting place and I can't wait to go again.

Here is one image where the river goes around several bends:

And here's some images from around the area:

I also took a color photograph of the rapids. It was a tough shot because the sunlight was really intense on the water but the surrounding area was very dark. I tried a new technique in Photoshop with the scanned film - I overlaid the color image with the black and white image, and then put a mask on the image. Finally, I brushed in some tone where the water was just totally white using the masking tool. Here is the result:

We were exhausted at this point so we headed home. Here's just a few more shots from my Rolleiflex to finish up:

Last but not least, here's a video with a few more scenes from the trip:


  1. Great work Bryan!!! Keep me posted on the blog! Love the video!

    1. Thanks! I wish it integrated into Facebook better.