Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Back to the Darkroom

I haven't done any silver printing in a long time, not since getting ready for my show in November. Simply no time and not a whole lot of motivation either.

I remedied that this evening and made a pretty nice 16x20 print from a 4x5 negative I shot on the Wacissa River a couple of weeks ago. I actually haven't posted any of those images on the blog yet so I'll do that soon. This one was taken with my 58mm XL of a huge Live Oak that had fallen into the river.

Here's the print in the final wash:

Since I've gotten a bunch more large trays and a new 20x24 easel I am going to get my butt in the DR as much as possible this semester and print some of the negatives that have been stacking up. This one might get printed one size bigger, to 20x24, tomorrow. We'll see. I also got an Ilford EM-10 meter to help me dial in prints faster and easier when increasing the size.

One more thing before I go:

Thank you for reading my blog!
I just hit 50,000 views this week!

I hope I continue to grow and help the film / large format community in any way I can. I always appreciate reading comments or just the kind emails I get on occasion complimenting what I do. If you enjoy the blog, please also check out my somewhat new YouTube channel as well by clicking here! Thanks!

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