Monday, September 22, 2014

Fire, Motorcycles, and Whiskey - The Results

As I mentioned in the last post, Friday night the Adv. Lighting class as well as their professor and I had a little photoshoot / get-together.

I brought a few cameras and tried to snap a few photos here or there. I wasn't the one directing the shoot so I tried to stay out of the way.

The first, and best, photo I took was with my Linhof Master Technika, 150mm f/2.8 Schneider Xenotar, and Fuji T64 film. I used the rangefinder to focus, because seeing anything out there on the ground glass would've been impossible. This is the image straight off the film, with no color tweaks. The fire is a tad yellow and the model a tad blue, due to the color temperature of the film, fire, and flash interacting. I somewhat guessed my exposure at f/8.

After some slight color tweaks/masks this is the image I am going to print:

I also shot one frame of Velvia 50. Sadly this one didn't work out as well. The fire kind of petered out and so we just winged it and the chrome ended up very underexposed and without the sweeping fire effect. It's interesting in its own way I suppose. I decided at this point not to waste anymore precious 4x5 chromes due to the totally unknown results, so I'm glad that first T64 sheet came out so well!

Next I pulled out my Pentax 67 and loaded up some really old Kodak EPT. I was given 5 rolls of this stuff randomly and have been using it occasionally for shooting tungsten chromes on medium format. It's really old and has shifted kind of blue, and has some base fog, but it's fine when scanning.

I shot a few images with it and either my 105mm f/2.4 or 35mm f/4.5 fisheye. First the 105mm:

And here's the one image from the 35mm. I screwed up the composition as I couldn't see anything going on due to how dark it was. Also, I think I mis-focused it. Or the Pentax 67 fisheye is just a dog of a lens...actually I think it's both. Anyway:

Finally, I also had my Nikon F4 loaded up with some Kodak T-Max P3200 and a 50mm f/1.2 AIS. This film was way expired and had clearly lost a lot of sensitivity, as well as had some base fog, but I still got a few usable images. These were all just for fun and handheld, wide-open, at usually 1/15 or so:

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