Thursday, May 16, 2013

St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge - Part 1

Last weekend Meagan and I drove out to St. Marks NWR. This coastal Florida refuge is a beautiful place, with thousands of acres of pristine marshland and coastline.

I've been busy developing all of the images I took that day. This first batch is from two rolls of film I shot in my 2x3 Century camera (with the 80mm Xenotar lens). The color film was Provia 100F and the b&w film was T-Max 100. I'm almost through with the 4x5 images but that will be for another day.

Here are the images from St. Marks:


We also stopped at a small, rural cemetery on the way back that I found. I love old cemeteries - I think it's fascinating to see the historical record of people who lived in the area decades ago. Anyway, here are a couple photos:

More images from St. Marks coming soon!

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