Monday, May 20, 2013

Baby Alligators!

I was reorganizing some film Friday and found a box of 4x5 Velvia 100F which I had purchased last year, out-of-date, and never tested. So I loaded up 6 sheets to test it out and went to Grand Bay.

I ended up seeing a whole host of baby gators about midway down the boardwalk. I have never seen gators this young in the wild - they were less than a foot long each. I must have counted at least 8! Luckily I had grabbed my 300mm f/9 Nikkor lens so I had somewhat of a long lens to capture them.

Here are two photos of the gators:

And here is a cropped shot of the first photo. This is approximately the size of a 645 slide I believe:

I also shot a couple of other photos there:

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