Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Technical Pan 645 negatives and some cross-processed tungsten film

During my lunch break yesterday the weather was just beautiful so I went down to Langdale Park and shot two rolls of film. First was a roll of Technical Pan film that I shot with my Mamiya 645. This film is long gone and almost 15 years expired. I got a tip from a friend to try the highly dilute T-Max RS with this film as a replacement developer for Technidol. It worked wonderfully! Here are the results. The detail is mind-blowing. I'm really disappointed this film is no longer available!!

In addition, I was given a pack of 5 Kodak 160T chrome film. This is tungsten-balanced film. I know from experience that many tungsten films look pretty cool shot in normal daylight with no correction filter and then cross-processed. Here's a few of those photos:

Oh by the way, I officially have 11,000 views today! Awesome!

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