Monday, February 25, 2013

Flooding along the Flint River in Albany and Withlacoochee in Valdosta

We've had an unprecedented amount of rain here in south GA for the past several days. Currently most schools in the area are cancelled due to washed-out roads and other hazardous conditions. Most of Valdosta is a floodplain in fact! I took some documentary photos while in Albany playing in the symphony and Valdosta near the Withlacoochee - most of them with my Nikon SP rangefinder and 21, 35, 50, and 105mm lenses. I'm working on an article about T-Max developers and with this in mind, I shot these at ISO 100 and semi-stand developed them in standard T-Max developer (not RS) at a 1:40 dilution for 1 hour:


I also took just a few pictures with my Bessa RF 6x9 folder at the Withlacoochee. Film was T-Max rated at 100 and developed semi-stand in T-Max developer 1:32 for 1 hour:


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