Saturday, August 4, 2012

Valdosta Barbeque Cook-off

Today I went out with my Nikon SP to take some photos of the annual Barbeque Cook-off, hosted by 100 Black Men of Valdosta. Unfortunately I was a complete idiot and screwed up the film loading and the spool was spinning while not pulling the film and I shot the whole roll without realizing it. I am very disappointed because I was pretty sure I had gotten some fantastic photos.

I went back out to console myself with my Army Signal Corps Speed Graphic and shot a few sheets. Nothing was quite as good from the shots I imagine would've been on the 35mm roll but that'll teach me to be more careful. Sigh.

Here they are, taken with an Ektar 127mm f/4.7 lens:

Missed focus on that last one.

Pretty underwhelmed with my work here but this was the first time I've used Tr-X 320 and Rodinal. I need to focus more on this combo and do more street shots so that's my new goal after I finish moving.

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