Friday, July 13, 2012

Moving - New Darkroom/Studio coming 35mm shots

While I don't normally write about my personal life on here often, I feel obligated to share. Both my girlfriend and I have accepted new jobs at the local university and will be moving to a spacious new rental house in early August. The best part is the house has a huge outbuilding with running water with plenty of space for a full darkroom AND studio! Never before have I had such a large space to play with! However, as of today I'll be pretty much out of commission from taking photos as I'm beginning the long, arduous process of packing.

However, recently I did get a chance to shoot a roll of film. Here is some photos taken with my Nikon SP and a freshly-purchased 35mm f/1.8 lens! I found a bargain on this lens and snapped it up, and boy am I glad I did. I decided to shoot some T-Max 3200 film near campus. The first shots are all shot at f/8 or f/11 with a red filter, except the bench which I shot at f/1.8 to see how it looked wide-open:

And here's some shots indoors. First up is one of my old professors making us espresso. Next is my girlfriend Meagan. That one is shot wide-open, and you can see how nice the lens looks at that aperture:

I don't know how much I'll get to post in the coming weeks but hopefully I won't be totally silent. I've still got some photos from earlier trips to post...

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