Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Film Test - Tri-X 35mm in Rodinal 1:50 @ Grand Bay

Tri-X film and Rodinal is supposed to be a great combo, one that has been used by many a photographer, so I decided I really should try it. Normally, I've been using XTOL straight for my 35mm Tri-X negatives, but I continue to get excessive contrast it seems, especially in our exceedingly bright and sunny southern days.

I got up early and went out to Grand Bay, the first time I've been in a while. I was pleasantly surprised to find a field full of what I believe is tobacco plants. I have never seen this field planted and with fully-grown plants, so I was very lucky this year to see the harvest before it was, well, harvested.

Anyway, I shot the Tri-X at ASA 200 and developed it in Rodinal diluted 1:50 at 68 degrees for 9 minutes. My initial thoughts are that the film was slightly overexposed and could have a bit more development, so next time I will try ASA 320 and 10 minutes developing I think. I think the time would have been perfect for an N-1 development though.

Here are a sampling of photos from the outing. All were shot with my Nikon SP rangefinder and either 21mm, 35mm, or 50mm lenses:


 As an interesting aside, right after shooting the last photo I saw a massive alligator saunter across the path that I was hiking down. By my estimations considering the width of the path, it was at minimum eight feet long. I am glad I was not nearby when he decided to cross the road!! Of course I snapped a photo but only with the 50mm I had on the camera. Not optimal by any means, but for posterity, here it is, judiciously cropped:

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