Saturday, April 2, 2016

Catching up on 4x5 images from March

Things have been rather busy, with numerous recording sessions, videography gigs, and portrait/event shoots, and the blog has been somewhat on the back-burner. Today I want to catch up with some 4x5 images I shot in the last month or so.

First up are some images from Lake Lanier. I visited Meagan in Atlanta and we saw a wonderful exhibit of images from Ansel Adams and others in Cartersville. We always visit the lake with my parents when we visit. I shot a few images with my TravelWide camerea and 90mm f/6.8 Angulon:


This same weekend, but in Valdosta, was the annual Azalea Festival. This is probably the last Azalea Festival I'll be able to attend, so I shot a few photos, again with my TravelWide:

Now I know I said 4x5, but I'm going to put a few more photos here from my Rolleiflex and Bessa II of the Azalea Fest, just because. The Bessa II, as I discovered, had some holes in the bellows unfortunately, but they've been fixed since:


 Now lastly a few landscapes. My friend Sally showed me some remote property she grows pine trees on and we explored a creek, and also found a funny old bar while driving:


And lastly! I found this wonderful field of sheep sorrel between Valdosta and Lakeland. I shot this on my Linhof with 72mm XL on Portra 160VC:

Driving home the light on this power substation was gorgeous so I shot one more image:

Well that's it for this wrap-up!

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