Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Banks Lake Drawdown

A couple of weeks ago I was riding around and made my way to Banks Lake in Lakeland, GA. I discovered the lake was almost dry - apparently they "drawdown" the lake every few years to manage plant life and/or erosion. I stopped and shot a few images that evening as the sun was setting:


The clouds were just beautiful that evening. The above were taken with my Linhof 70 and a 105mm APO Lanthar or 53mm f/4 Super Angulon, on Plus-X and Velvia 50. A few days later I went again in the afternoon, which was a harsh and cloudless sky unfortunately. I brought along my Shen-Hao 617 and 72mm XL with my new center filter for that lens:

I wanted to shoot some color again so later that evening I returned once more with my Pentax 67ii and a few lenses, and shot another roll of Velvia, 100F this time. Yes, I went a bit too far with the polarizer...



I have been meaning to go back when the light/clouds were better and shoot some larger formats. I haven't had a chance though - I hope it is still low when I get there!

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