Thursday, October 1, 2015

Jacksonville Field Trip #2 - VSU ART

Last month we took another field trip to Jacksonville to go to the MOCA, which we missed last time due to it closing early. We also made a little detour to Big Talbot State Park and a small town called Callahan, FL.

First we toured the MOCA:

 We started driving to Big Talbot but along the way we just had to stop along the road to take photos of the approaching storm and this cool power plant:


Next we made it to Big Talbot but it was pouring down rain. We waited for a while and it finally cleared up, giving us about a half hour to explore the Driftwood Beach area:

Finally we started heading home but everyone was hungry. By this time we were out in the middle of nowhere so we had few choices. But when this place in Callahan was found we just had to stop...sadly it wasn't all that good:

That's it for our trip. I shot all of these with my Nikon SP 2005 and either Portra 400 or Agfa Optima 100 films and my Rolleiflex with Tri-X or Plus-X.

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