Thursday, March 5, 2015

Continual flooding along the Withlacoochee Part 1

I haven't posted in a while so I figured I should add some photos. I've been shooting down at the river a lot lately as we've had several weeks of intermittent storms/rainfall that have caused the Withlacoochee to get back up to levels I haven't seen since last summer.

I went today and the Langdale Park area is flooded all the way up past the pavilion, to the point of being impassable even with a really large truck I think.

Here's some images from around the park and also Grand Bay. I will have more later. I also tried out a new lens. First here are some images made with my Nikkor 90mm f/8, all on Portra 160NC:


And here are a few images taken with a new lens I was trying out - a Voigtlander 21cm f/4.5 APO Lanthar. Interestingly, I'm not sure if anyone else out there is actually shooting with one of these. I couldn't find a single image made with one. They are highly collectible. Here are the images:


I just wanted to shoot a few images to see the color and clarity of the lens. This lens has some serious "mojo." I love Voigtlander lenses and this is certainly a prime example of why. Voigtlander was a premium lens maker - another German brand - and I don't know why they were overshadowed by Zeiss and Leica. The colors are gorgeous and the micro-contrast of this lens is really something. I have the 15cm version as well. This will be a great addition to my stable of interesting and cult lenses.

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