Thursday, November 20, 2014

Saturday Morning Walk in Downtown Valdosta - Nov. 2014

Last Saturday was another Valdosta Symphony Concert, so after the morning rehearsal Ed and I went to the Turner Art Center since he hadn't seen the show and took a walk downtown.

I shot some 35mm with my Leica M6 and a vintage chrome/brass Nikkor 3.5cm f/3.5 lens (Type II), on T-Max 100 and with an orange filter. This little lens has strange ergonomics but is fun to shoot. The lens has a tiny front element with a filter attachment that is "inside" the front barrel. It's hard to explain. Funnily enough, I accidentally bought a Walz filter set for this lens years ago, mistaking it for something else, but then found the lens. The filter size is amazingly small - not sure exactly but it's less than 20mm I think. Outside of this filter ring is the aperture adjustments, from the front of the lens looking at the camera.

Anyway, the lens has a very vintage feel, and imparted a beautiful low-contrast, "old" look to the images, especially with b&w film. This is the first time I've really shot a roll with that lens - apparently I need to shoot more with it! The out-of-focus areas are a little wonky but other than that, and being slow at f/3.5, it's a nice little lens. Here are some images:



This building is being remodeled so I stuck my lens right up against the glass:

And finally, 1st Methodist and the sign at the Turner Center announcing our show:

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