Sunday, February 2, 2014

Louisiana Leftovers

January sure was a busy month for me - I barely had time to think, much less post! However, I have been shooting film...I might have to do a "January Recap" post and show some images.

However, for now, here is two images from New Orleans that I had not developed yet when I made my earlier post about my trip. First is an image of the Joan of Arc statue that I took a Fuji instant shot of. This was done on Portra 160 VC with my Linhof Master Technika 4x5 and Zeiss Sonnar 250mm f/5.6, handheld:

I love statues and I love the vivid colors of the VC Portra (sad it is discontinued...). I am debating editing out the power lines though!

The other image is another Portra 160 VC shot of a street performer. This violinist was performing with a background track and a small sound system. For this shot I used a Metz flash for fill. I also cropped a bit:

This is a good show of the Sonnar's very special rendering of the out-of-focus areas. It is really awesome to shoot this lens on 4x5! I'm not sure, but I may be the only person in the world shooting with one, rather than letting them sit on a shelf in a glass case as a collectors item. What a fine lens!

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