Wednesday, February 19, 2014

6x17 Panoramas in the Snow near Atlanta

I had a last-minute gig in Athens over the weekend, so I stayed up at my parents' for the weekend. Meagan and I took some time out at Georgia's newest State Park - "Don Carter State Park." This park is in the upper NE corner of Lake Lanier. It's so new there wasn't a lot to do, but the snow was still on the ground so we joyfully trampled through it (I haven't seen snow in any kind of accumulation in over 10 years).

It was a great opportunity to take my Shen-Hao 6x17 for a spin. Here's a few panoramic images taken on either Agfa RSX II, Ilford Pan F+, or T-Max 100, with either my Schneider 58mm XL or Nikkor 90mm f/8 lenses:

Here's a silly little "selfie" with the 6x17...I'm reaching to actuate the shutter release. I might look far away due to the perspective, but I'm actually about 3 feet away and can barely reach the release with my arm extended all the way!

Here is also a pair of vertical panoramas. They are hard to set up and compose but can be fun:

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