Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Ektar 100 images and a rainy afternoon stroll

Developed some C-41 yesterday, one roll of Ektar that I shot mostly out at Grand Bay and a little bit at VSU during a break from work, as well as a 120 roll of Superia 100 (pretty old and out-of-date).

I have sporadically used Ektar over the last few months but I never really have liked it. This time was no different, except for the shots that I took around VSU. The low-contrast shaded area I shot in worked well for the high-contrast film, whereas when I shot near sunset yesterday with high-contrast scenes it didn't look good at all.

Honestly I probably won't buy anymore of it (preferring Portra) but it's good to know when to shoot the last few rolls I have.

Here's the best of the roll:



Meagan and I also took some shots while it rained on Friday. I used my second to last roll of Supera 100 film in my Pentax 67. I really like this film, and am very sad that I don't have anymore left. I wish they still made it!

Here are a few from that roll. I used a variety of lenses, including the 55mm f/4 (67 model), 105mm f/2.4 Takumar, and 165mm f/2.8:

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