Friday, March 29, 2013

Big 34x27 print from an 8x10 negative

Haven't been shooting film at all recently, or even digital - simply too busy.

However, I did get a very large print done that I wanted to share. This is from an 8x10 negative, scanned on my Screen Cezanne, and printed locally using an Epson 9600 printer on metallic paper. Matted, it comes to a whopping 40x32 size. I used plexiglass instead of real glass due to weight concerns.

The scan from the Cezanne was jaw-dropping, and even in ink, the tonality, detail, and sharpness of the huge negative comes through. Don't forget that this is only a 3.5x enlargement!! That's like an 11x14 print from a 4x5 negative, or a little teeny 3x5 print from a 35mm negative!

This print will be featured in the annual Spring into Art show at the Turner Center in early April. The slight red hue on the right side is a reflection from my wall, just in case you were wondering. Of course that's me peeking out from behind!

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