Sunday, September 23, 2012

Quick Portrait on 8x10 with a 300mm Symmar-S f/5.6

The sun was going down and I wanted to shoot something on my 8x10 since I had a sheet of x-ray film loaded. Our front porch was nicely back-lit so I got Meagan to pose for me.

I shot this sheet of Fuji Super HR-T x-ray film at ISO 50, with the 300mm wide-open at f/5.6 (for those interested, that's equivalent to approximately a 40mm f/0.75 on full-frame digital or 35mm. Anyway, I shot it at 1/125 and also used my Nikon SB-800 for fill-flash. I developed it in Rodinal at 68F for 6:30. Since my Agfa scanner is unable to connect to my new computer I had to "scan" it with my DSLR.

I usually put my 4x5 images on top of my enlarger's light head to "scan" them this way. Since I don't have an 8x10 enlarger I instead put it on a piece of foam board which I then placed on top of a studio hot light. It worked as a ghetto lightbox, but made the image textured. I kind of like the effect. I will still do a proper scan later.

Here is the result:

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