Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Light Panoramas

One last post before Christmas as I am leaving town until next week in a few hours. Here are some more 6x17 shots using a roll of Fujicolor film I picked up of Christmas lights on several houses. This was my first time developing C-41 color film in 120 size. It came out better than I expected!

I'm trying out a new setting where the pictures will no longer open up in a box but will open up full size in the window. Just click back to return to the blog. I think it makes it easier to see them at full resolution. All images were shot on a Crown Graphic with the Nikon 90mm f/8 lens at f/11 for 8 seconds.:

 I have plenty of material to post next week featuring a special new camera that I've just gotten in so stay tuned.

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