Sunday, July 19, 2015

Various 35mm photos from the past couple of months

Haven't had a lot of time lately to shoot or post images. I had a bout of the flu last week which I'm still trying to get over completely.

Here's some 35mm Portra 160 I shot in a few different places with my M6 and either a screwmount 35mm f/2.8 Jupiter 8 (prewar Biogon copy) or 50mm f/1.1 Nokton:

I also got a couple additional Contax rangefinder lenses to add to my collection that I wanted to try. Firstly was a 5cm f/2.8 collapsible tessar, a black and nickel one made for the Contax I (f) like I have. This lens is frankly not very good but it's got some funky bokeh and collapses practically completely into the body. I also finally found a cheap 21mm f/4.5 Biogon (complete with a lovely turret viewfinder) and that lens is really nice. Anyway, here's some Tri-X 400 developed in Spur HRX shot with these two lenses with the Contax I:


Finally, here's a few photos I took with my F2 and mostly a 5cm f/2 or 3.5cm f/2.8, as well as a couple with the F-mount 15mm f/4.5 Heliar, on T-Max 100 developed in FX-39. These shots are around some abandoned houses near where I work (as were some of the above photos):



Okay that's enough for today. Hopefully I'll have part 3 of my Florida Keys work ready next week.

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