Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Wakulla Springs and St. Marks Trip

My parents came down to visit Wakulla Springs and St. Marks with Meagan and I a couple of weekends ago. At Wakulla they have a neat boat ride down the Wakulla River to see and experience the local wildlife. We saw manatees, herons and other waterfowl, alligators, and even a couple of bald eagles. I brought along my Pentax 67 with 500mm f/5.6 lens for the wildlife, with some other lenses for general landscapes, as well as a new camera to shoot and try out, a Voigtlander Bessa II with Color Heliar 105mm f/3.5 lens.

Here's some images of wildlife. This was really tough to shoot. The boat was always moving and focusing the huge 500mm lens on the Pentax on the fly is brutal. A lot of images turned out out of focus (usually back-focused, the worst), but it was fun nevertheless. Frankly while I could shoot one of my DSLRs and use my 300mm f/2.8, I just don't get the same "rush" as with a big 6x7 camera. It is a little crazy but when I get a shot it's pretty exhilarating. These are all on Portra 400:


Here's some landscapes with the Pentax and 55-100mm f/4.5:

Finally, here's the images from the Bessa II. I had just gotten this camera back from a CLA since the lens was firing slow and sticking. Unfortunately a lot of frames got ruined because there was a small light leak around the lens mount. It was really strange - it actually leaked around the jam nut where it is notched for tightening, something I've never seen. A bit of electrical tape fixed it but very annoying. This camera also is so small and light that the shutter kick blurs the image even at 1/100 so I tried to keep it at a higher shutter speed. Here's the images (taken with Ektar, FP4, and T-Max 400):

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