Thursday, August 14, 2014

Reed Bingham, Rain

Every time I want to go shoot somewhere lately it seems to start raining. Three times this summer I drove to Reed Bingham to shoot and despite weather predictions saying low chance of rain, it started to storm fiercely.

This last time on Sunday I just said to heck with it and went out shooting while it was raining.

I shot some 6x12 with my 38mm XL. I wanted to give it another try - last week I found a shim from a lens on the floor that I apparently dropped when placing a lens on a board. The only lenses I had off their board was the 38mm and my Nikkor 90mm f/8. I put the shim in the 38mm XL but it definitely didn't help. Check out the corner areas:

Okay, so apparently it was for the Nikkor. I hope. Now I have to check that one too. The other problem I think I'm having is the 38mm has to be perfectly aligned to the film plane. I think I'm having a very slight left/right angle to the lens, causing this. I noticed the poor corner performance when I first shot this lens (without the shim) but this is much worse.

Here are some more photos. Most of these were shot while it was still raining but the exposures were up to 15 seconds, so you can't tell anyway, except for the shiny leaves and moving brush.


And finally one more I shot with my 150mm APO Symmar of this big spider, a "golden silk orb weaver:"

Films were Pan F+ and Provia 100F.

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