Thursday, March 6, 2014

Withlacoochee Flooding, Again

These last couple of weeks have been pretty wet. The river is again cresting pretty high down at Langdale Park. The fresh gravel put down recently is already starting to look ragged - and water is over the road at one point. I see some folks splashing through but having seen at least 3 people stuck last time so I'm not going to risk it with my little sedan.

I did hike in though with my Linhof Monday and took a bunch of photos around the area. Sadly I could not get down the trail much, as most of the trail is flooded out. Here are some photos of the affected area. The b&w images are T-Max 100 developed in Acufine. The color is Velvia 50. Lenses used included my 75mm f/4.5 Zeiss Biogon, 90mm f/8 Nikkor, and 250mm f/5.6 Zeiss Sonnar.

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