Wednesday, May 2, 2012

New lens for the Nikon SP

Enough of that digital junk, back to film stuff (that's a joke!).

After two months I finally received a lens I ordered from overseas for my Nikon SP. The Nikon uses a slightly modified Contax mount; therefore, many legacy Contax lenses will work on it, especially wide angles. I have always missed the 35mm focal length on the SP so I found a Russian-made Jupiter-12 lens on eBay.

These lenses are copies of the Zeiss Biogon design. Most folks say the quality-control is suspect and many are excellent but some are dogs. I'm not quite sure about mine. It has positively awful corner performance, even at f/5.6. However, the lens has amazing micro-contrast that really makes the photos look "3D." I might just have to crop everything to a 4:5 ratio and call it a day. I will have to do more tests with it stopped down to f/11 or more. I'm not sure if it's curvature of field causing the poor performance or just a dog of a lens.

Anyway, here are some snapshots from the lens taken on old Kodak Gold 100 film. I converted a couple to b&w because the colors were yucky:

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